Analytic Editor 1-4 – R2


Provide information to customers by drafting, reviewing, and editing NSA end-product reports and/or other intelligence products and services (e.g., working aids, databases, briefings, etc.), in accordance with information sharing policies and standards. Prepare the information for publication or presentation by reviewing and editing the content and/or externals (where relevant, such as TAGs, distribution, classification, caveats, title, Information Needs), verifying the accuracy of source records (if applicable), and assessing the appropriateness of the dissemination format/vehicle. Ensure that products conform to NSA reporting policy guidance and style standards. Provide writing, information organization, reporting, and distribution guidance and additional mentoring as needed. Coordinate information internally and externally. Perform some or all of the following functions: write reports, provide input for the Government to respond to foreign release and ORCON release requests, research and prepare responses to customer requests for information and other queries for use or decision by Government personnel, review customer draft documents for accuracy and adherence to original SIGINT, prepare re-addressals of Second Party products for use or decision by Government personnel, and provide input to the Inspector General Quarterly Report (after review by Government personnel).






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